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Private Lessons

Adults and youth are invited to experience watercolor painting on a beginner or intermediate level through private lessons with artist, Joanne C. Resch, in her studio. Explore the fundamental techniques of this medium via one-on-one instruction, hands-on exercises and demonstrations.

Learn about:

  • Color

  • Composition

  • Balance

  • Perspective

.......... and much more as you journey through the art of watercolor painting with your instructor. In so doing, see the world in a different way as you develop your unique style. Use these lessons as an opportunity to let your creative spirit soar in creating your own artwork!

A Word From The Artist:


"Your creative spirit is worth the discovery! It’s not about " the right way" or what "it should look like"….it’s about taking the time to see and experience the simple wonder that surrounds you and allowing that spirit to guide your expression….over an over and over again. Much of watercolor painting is learned by doing, trying, experimenting, and not being afraid of making "mistakes". So-called "mistakes" in watercolor only shed new light and guide you in another direction as you work, therefore nourishing the development of your own style. In watercolor painting IT’S OKAY TO LET YOURSELF GO in order to gain control as you journey with this medium. Free yourself of pre-conceived notions with regard to your level of skill/talent/knowledge and begin, either for the first time or once again…gentle yet creatively motivated instruction is here to encourage and fuel your own creative spirit!"


Joanne C. Resch

Fee:    $20 per hour if student has their own supplies              $25 per hour including supplies   


A detailed supply list is available upon request. In order to schedule lessons, contact Joanne via email.

If you prefer, call her at 518-478-5629.

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